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    I kept a graph.  Day one I dropped 80% on the cigs, and over 2 weeks it rapidly drifted down to 95%.  That morning cig was the hardest to get rid of and took me more than a month.  Eventually I just found I kind of forgot about it and picked up the vape instead.

    The brands I tried, with a little mini review of a few words...and yes, I have Been Over the Mountain.  I you don't have to!

    Most cigarette look-alikes:  Low powered, flimsier than I like, very short battery life, and not really worth the price.  That includes the V2, VaporSmiths, and pretty much everything else.  The Bloog is well-built, but still has the lower power and short battery life issue.

    Volt X2:  Solidly built, 3.6 volt moderated through the battery life, batt life of 6 to 13 hours on average depending on model (every 100 mAh will, very very roughly, be 1 hour of battery life).  This is my go-to model right now.  Automatic draw on mine, so it acts just like a cig--put in mouth and draw.  $20-$30 each at SmokelessImage, two 1,300 mAh is enough for most people.  Takes 808 (KR808D-1) cartomizers or other stuff natively, eGo or 510 hookup with an adapter.

    They're larger, cigar sized, but I adjusted rapidly.

    Vision Spinner:  Built like a tank, variable voltage from 3.3 to 4.8 volts, user selectable by bottom ring that's easy to read.  Batt life of 6-13 hours, just like the Volt.  This was my go-to model, now it switches in and out with the Volt depending on my mood.  This model is manual, so you press a button to fire the atomizer.  510 threaded, but it can use 808 style items with an adapter (which I use as my stuff is 808).

    kGo Variable Voltage:  Great power, but a bit flimsy.  I wasn't exceptionally impressed, but it was an inexpensive unit and a good backup.

    The E-Cigarette Forum online has great reviews and tons of helpful people.  You certainly don't need an expensive model to start, like a Provari or Bolt or anything like that.  You NEVER need that, but some like them.

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    by Lonely Liberal in PA on Thu Dec 06, 2012 at 11:16:36 AM PST

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