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  •  Lord help me... (7+ / 0-)

    Nice story. I have a daughter. She was a perfect angel, daddy's girl... until she turned 15. I nurtured (even demanded) self reliance, self esteem, strength. She's a high achiever, almost straight A's in honors and AP classes - even though she's a year younger than all her classmates (she's a HS junior at 15).

    Nonetheless, the rebellion started this year. As an only child she's a bit more "entitled" than I ever was. I also have a huge stubborn streak, and she's got that too. My wife is argumentative- she's got that too. LOL. So lets see what have we been through this year: shoplifting, sneaking out and drinking, sneaking out and driving, fits of screaming and cussing and running away when she's angry, a 19 year old boyfriend. Lord knows what I don't know. LOL.

    I think she'll be okay. I don't know if I will be though. Uggghhh. Worst thing... I really miss daddy's little girl!

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      I think she'll be okay, too. I was completely calm in college, having gotten the wildness out. Had a couple of serious long- term boyfriends, no drunken episodes. Not sure exactly how I arrived there. Maybe realizing I was responsible for myself? Maybe thinking this was the beginning of adulthood, at last, and I couldn't mess it up? Maybe the knowledge that I could not fail or disappoint my parents?

      I wish her--and both of you!--the best!

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