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    I deal with heredity vs environment a lot in two of my girls.    The youngest, is almost a minature me, only smarter IMO.   The older one is shy, a pleaser , something I absolutely am not and never speaks her mind.
    Biologically they are not mine.  We  have raised  one since 5 and the other since 3 and half months.  One is 17 and the other 8.  They are sisters but have different Dads, neither of which are my son's but legally he was their father until we adopted.  My eldest who is 23 now is very much like me personality wise but was a handful and a lot of trouble in her teens.  That one is biologically my granddaughter. adopted daughter.    All three are different but the youngest is probably the most like me, attached at my hip for almost 7 years.  She is 7 years old.   She still does not want the car to crank without being in the car with me.   She has her opinions and a good and very polite child but independent as heck and no one can put words in her mouth.  She is pretty as well as all of them but she is the only one to be placed in the gifted children program....EXTREMELY smart , in music, math, the one who is liberal all the way around and loves the peace emblems and wants to start a new environmental awareness club.  She reads but the 17 year old is quite and an avid reader.  

    We always knew our 23 year old's mind but was so rebellious it was scary, and self destructive.   The 17 year old is not self destructive but not really independent.  We don't know because she is IMO not true to herself but very quite and in all these years not sure I ever know where she stands.   Holds her feelings in.  Not the 23 and 7 year old.  Our 23 year old is reckless with her diabetes and life choices and impulsive but not the 17 year old.  The 7 year old is just getting started but all personality all the time.

    Funny....they are all three different in so many ways but I think the 7 year old may be the most independent.  That is saying a lot knowing I nearly dropped from the 23 year old's independence and all three have self esteem and confidence in themselves, not so much in others,   The 7 year old is different.. We have always been the only parental influence in her life.

    Good diary !  Girls are more difficult to raise IMO than boys.

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    by Vetwife on Thu Dec 06, 2012 at 06:32:08 PM PST

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