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  •  My 16-year-old daughter has a boyfriend... (10+ / 0-)

    ...which is a great lever for getting things done around the house: 'you can see Jader when the bathroom is clean,' and other extortions. I don't restrict her freedom; I only condition it. So far, it works.

    I'm a single Dad, and I've been the luckiest with my daughter. She is an independent, choice-driven person. Collecting high school credits since the 7th grade, she's had enough air in her schedule to also collect college credits since the 10th. She'll have her AA degree a month before her HS diploma. She's got a summer's worth of volunteer experience in the 9th grade, and another summer's worth of full-time paid experience with a municipality in the 10th. This summer, we'll be shooting for a paid internship with the local port authority.

    She's also trying to get her boyfriend (a year older, a senior in HS) to get a job and a driver's license -- heh. I won't interfere, but good luck with that, dear daughter. At least you're also learning that experience young, too, before it damages your own prospects.

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