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    I see your point, but she still seems so little and so innocent. It would have been the perfect opening when she said that bit about not controlling when you have a baby, but I chose not to take it. I was thinking when she got her period...? I will give it some thought. Thank you.

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      BadKitties, kurt

      when it came time to tackle that subject:

      How to Talk to Your Child About Sex

      Linda and Richard Eyre stress that it's never too soon-or too late-to start discussing sex and values with your children, and they've got proven strategies to make it easier. How to Talk to Your Child About Sex provides thoughtful, clear, specific guidance on when and, most important, how to help children begin to understand sex, love, and commitment from the most positive viewpoint possible.
      Preliminary "as needed" talks with three-to eight-year-olds
      The age eight Big Talk
      Follow-up talks with eight-to thirteen-year-olds
      Behavior discussions with eleven-to sixteen-year-olds
      Discussions of perspective and personal standards with fifteen-to nineteen-year-olds
      They do a good job of explaining how to communicate what YOU want communicated about the subject. We waited with our oldest, and it's always been harder to talk to him on this subject. The younger two (twin girls) got the "Big Eight talk" and were used to discussing the subject with us when it was needed later, and even as teens were able to do so without embarrassment.

      "Nothing happens unless first a dream. " ~ Carl Sandburg

      by davewill on Fri Dec 07, 2012 at 05:51:35 PM PST

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