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View Diary: Charter schools don't perform as advertised, but try getting their advocates to admit that (152 comments)

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    I could hear the relief when I told the principal at our wonderful community school my kid was going to a charter school because they do not have the space. Our community school is highly sought after because of its high test scores. States differ in terms of how well they regulate charter schools. As I said below, the techer's union even sponsors them in MN. You can look at the states and charter schools that do a good job serving students and advocate for these policies. No need to throw the baby out with the bath water. Lots of kids do not do well in traditional schools and need other public school options. Some kids have unique talents. Some families want language immersion. Some kids need a refuge from big schools. All charter schools in Mn select by lottery and must comply with state testing. Yes some probably do underperform, but so do some community schools. Education is not a one size fits all prospect.  I am so grateful I had many, many choices about where to send my daughter.

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