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View Diary: Charter schools don't perform as advertised, but try getting their advocates to admit that (152 comments)

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    Teachers unions exist to advocate for their members - the teachers. Luckily, the interests of teachers and students often align. If unions exist to advocate for students, why is it so difficult to fire a long-term teacher who everyone recognizes is ineffective?  

    Don't tell my all the ways that the unlimited power to fire teachers can be abused. I know them. I'm only saying that if teachers unions' allegiance was to students, not teachers, then it would be much easier to fire a teacher who is recognized by all to be not teaching effectively.

    The reason it is hard to fire teachers is that unions are protecting their members. I think that is good and I generally favor unions (my wife is a union member and has benefited from their representation). However, unions do not put students interests before teachers' interests.

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