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View Diary: Paul Krugman Did Not Win a Nobel Prize in Economics (146 comments)

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    Your history of the prize is interesting and worth telling. However, you yourself did one of the things you railed against --- your Krugman stunt was a self-admitted PR stunt.

    As the various comments showed, it's pretty much splitting hairs at this point, regardless of the history, to argue that it's not really a Nobel prize. I won't insert poligirl's research here, as you read it.  

    And, to those who noted that economics isn't a science, the Nobel prizes are not just for science--viz. literature, peace.  

    This place can get pretty wacky. How does anyone get to claim, unchallenged, that Daniel Kahneman never took a course in economics? How would they ever know that? It all reminds me of my noble brother-in-law who once asked how the social sciences can be sciences at all, because there is too much variability in people.

    At any rate, thanks for the history. Can we say these guys (are they ALL guys?) won noble prizes and move on?

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