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View Diary: Pining for Jeb Bush is the new saddest thing ever (211 comments)

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  •  Jeb isn't as moderate (23+ / 0-)

    as people seem to think. I've been following his education "think tank" pretty closely as they quietly get all sorts of insidious state legislation passed to bolster charter schools and online schools at the expense of public schools, and it's pretty darned extreme in my view. In FL, for instance, they just passed a measure that requires every student to pass an online college course or virtual school course to graduate -- despite the fact that many students in poverty don't even have the required hardware or internet access. They didn't exempt exceptional education students or provide for any waiver system, either. It's a brutal law that will undoubtedly lower our graduation rate. No moderation there. And lest you respond with "think tanks don't write legislation, legislators do"... the language of the legislation came word for freakin' word from his website, and two of the state senators told me on the record that they didn't do any further research beyond listening to Jeb! and company.

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