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  •  Do they ever think this stuff through? (3+ / 0-)

    Not beyond the steps that might enable them to regain power.

    The Republicans have NO GOVERNING PHILOSOPHY! What they have is a set of propaganda talking points (points which are becoming more and more distant from reality) that are intended to manipulate the older white voters to vote for them. The lower classes simply need to be discouraged from voting.

    The older white voters are susceptible because they represent the group which used to be the undeniable ruling class of America as they grew up. That was the America who won WW II. (Forget the fact that the largest part of that war was fought between Germany and the USSR. America's propaganda does not recognize that fact.)

    Modern urban industrialized society has required that all kinds of "lesser" people be given equal status with the older ruling class. Many of those older white  individuals fear for the stability of American society when the unsuited immoral and women take over. It rather intrigues me that this is analogous to the Greeks inventing democracy after the charioteers who had previously dominated the battlefield had been replaced by the development of the phalanx and coordinated attacks to replace individual heroism. You no longer had to acquire an expensive horse and chariot, just join the phalanx at drill. Your city depended on you and your motivation, not on your wealth. I suspect that the charioteers objected a great deal to the new power structure.

    The disconnect between the Republican public propaganda designed to influence elections and the actual intent of the office holders once they are elected can be recognized by the corruption they practice when they take office. They have no core governing philosophy, so they use simple tribal cronyism when they do get power. Tribal cronyism is more representative of the older primitive less urban pre-modern cultures.

    They really do not believe in government. Really. As far as they are concerned, government is not a "real" entity to be managed. There are only people to be convinced, manipulated or bought. This is why so many libertarians are attracted to the otherwise authoritarian conservative Republican Party.

    What's to think through? Elections are emotionalism to them because the public generally is too stupid to make real decisions. Only those born to the elite class can run government. Elections are won by lies and manipulations, not by rational people proposing real governing philosophies they actually plan to follow if they get elected. Ask the conservatives, and if they are being honest they'll tell you this is exactly what they believe.

    The US Supreme Court has by its actions and rhetoric has ceased to be legitimate. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - over

    by Rick B on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 02:05:18 PM PST

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