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View Diary: Michigan House passes anti-union bill (92 comments)

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  •  Nope. (0+ / 0-)

    They attached an appropriation amendment to it to make it referendum-proof.  They're in the process of passing a new Emergency Manager law with an appropriation, for the same reason.

    Concealed Carry got in via this method in a different lame duck session, and the MI Supreme Court threw out a repeal referendum, so this giant-sized loophole has already been court-affirmed, and will continue to be affirmed until we get a Democratic majority on the state Supreme Court.

    •  They need to do an initiated statute, then. (0+ / 0-)

      A statute initiated by citizens in Michigan requires 8% signatures rather than 5% for a veto referendum, but it can repeal or modify any law. What you get for that extra 3% is that the initiated law is permanently protected from amendment or repeal without a 3/4 majority in both chambers. As in other strong initiative states like CA, it's a constitutional amendment in all but name.

      Forget Prop 2 — the reaction to this might permanently prevent this from ever happening again in Michigan. The labor groups need to be preparing now for an initiated statute, and nothing else. Anything else, such as a length court battle over a veto referendum that would still require a statewide vote; a rerun of a broadly worded Prop 2; or a recall drive (which requires 25% signatures, not 8%) would be political suicide. An initiated statute is by far the best option.

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