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View Diary: I'm sorry, but the GOP did not 'win' the House (41 comments)

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  •  After the 2010 elections (5+ / 0-)

    Boehner openly bragged that the new Republican state legislators would ensure through redistricting that the House would stay in Republican hands for years. He may have been right.  In Pennsylvania they definitely broke up the urban Democratic districts into the rural Republican strongholds resulting in fewer Democrats elected to the House.  

    "Life is too important to be taken seriously" Oscar Wilde

    by Annie B on Fri Dec 07, 2012 at 06:34:32 AM PST

    •  Penn alone is a swing of 5 members from (2+ / 0-)
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      mightymouse, SilentBrook

      shenanigans during redistricting.

      What the Dems have to learn is from the R's in Texas...if they regain control of the state leg, redistrict the state!

      It might get ugly for a while , but eventually the SCOTUS will have to rule one way or the other about doing that. Or perhaps it will spark a Constitutional Amendment for fair district requirements.

      WTF!?!?!?! When did I move to the Republic of Gilead?!

      by IARXPHD on Fri Dec 07, 2012 at 07:33:43 AM PST

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