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  •  Well I have a dream... (3+ / 0-)
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    As a former urban dweller now located in a very rural midwest community, with four years of OFA community organizing under my belt, I want to make rural organizing THE thing.  Its the new frontier to my mind.

    During the last election our county was given goals.  They were doable even with a skeleton crew which is what we had even after lots of networking.  I learned something.  I didn't have to stress about quantity as much as continuity in developing activism.  I could accept where people were in finding their voice and getting together with other voters for change and still contribute to the larger picture.

    I also did some math.  If our 60 rural counties produced the same amount of calls, etc. that we were asked to do and it was added together, the total would have surpassed the work of the urban pockets that we have come to rely on.

    I want to come right into what the GOP considers its stalwart base, and working through people who live there and are not going anywhere after the election is done, continue building trusted ways of getting information out, learning how to frame messages and doing both direct and indirect marketing of those messages.

    During the Ohio GOTV I met a woman from Tennessee who said they had 50 rural OFA teams up and running and they were working to build on that.  That was INSPIRING.

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