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View Diary: "You quickly realize that no one is there for you but you know who? You. That's all you have." (39 comments)

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  •  GREAT diary! tip'd & rec'd. i just finished an (7+ / 0-)

    article in the nation about how fracking affects what we eat b/c the chemicals used & the by-products of the process pollute the air, water, & soil of plants & animals & work their way into the food chain & ultimately into everyone who consumes food grown in areas where there's fracking.

    it was a devastating -- & chilling -- read.  previously healthy farm animals near the wells being fracked became sick & dropped dead, & farmers & ranchers developed health problems which went away when they quit drinking local water & eating food they grew on their land.

    it's no wonder dick cheney demanded in 2005 that energy companies be exempt from divulging the chemicals used in the fracking process.  he knew what they were & what they could do.

    fracking is killing democracy & everyone, directly or indirectly, too.

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