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  •  We live in Longmont, CO (8+ / 0-)

    We happen to live and own a business in the CO town that is being sued by the Colo Oil and Gas Commission. I was so proud of this community for standing up and voting to ban fracking in city limits. It reinforced everything I hoped was true about this town, despite the oil industry spending a ton of money (by Longmont political standards) on political ads to stop the ban. I think it was at least 10 to 1 vs the amount spent by the ban supporters.

    It was fascinating to see it unfold - they lined up a bunch of former mayors and "trusted" Longmont political figures to tell us that all would be ok. When that wasn't working, they switched to telling us that it would cost the city too much money because we would have to purchase the mineral rights under the entire city due to the ban preventing land owners from capitalizing on their apparent right to pollute the entire town and poison everyone's water (sarcasm intended). But the citizens didn't fall for it and the ban passed with 60% support.

    The irony that is lost in this is that prior to proposing the ban, this town attempted to get the state oil and gas commission to strengthen their rules and do their jobs, but they refused because, as usual, the commission is packed with industry insiders. So this little "town" of 91,000 residents stood up and took care of that problem for them.

    Today we found out the State isn't planning on suing the city, but they will support any gas producers who want to do so. Don't quite know what the difference is, except it ends the bad PR the state has been getting for trying to force this city to allow gas producers to destroy our town.

    •  Burton, "hope for the best, expect the worst"? (0+ / 0-)

      Based on my road trips to states at risk from fracking (that means the entire land area of the US, including Alaska); teapublican, libertarians,and  Republicans are shouting freedom, no government regulation. It is a "downer".

      Some fools, who do not believe in science or facts, fail to consider that all the money in the world can not transform polluted aquafirs into clean water. OK, dismantle the EPA, that's the attitude.

      I'm an optimistic, pragmatic fighter.  Should we work for progress, or "throw in the towel"?

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