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  •  tax payers v non payers (1+ / 0-)
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    People around here go nuts when  we vote on the school budget which is based upon how much property you own.  Ownership of property  does not mean necessarily that you have the money to pay the property tax.  If you do not pay the taxes you will lose your home, farm or land.  If you do not pay the taxes the school will lose in terms of the revenue it needs to pay its employees and maintain the school.  So if someone solves the problem for the land rich but money poor farmer with a lease then the landowner can pay the property tax and the school can continue.  I do not see how the landowner can be blamed if he or she decides that the offer to lease is better than losing it all.  No one tells the farmer that they do not have to pay the property tax and there are no fundraisers to help with paying taxes.  So I think this discussion is important but it is not a blow to democracy.

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