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View Diary: "You quickly realize that no one is there for you but you know who? You. That's all you have." (39 comments)

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  •  Careful, though. People have gotten plugged by (0+ / 0-)

    knocking on a door  that has a gun nut behind it. The gun nut usually walks, too.

    •  Champurrado, "We have nothing to fear, except (0+ / 0-)

      fear itself"?  When I knocked on doors (a decade ago, I admit), dressing for the part was part of the fun.  Not to offend anyone, personal appreance, hygeine is very important. I don't know how to be tactful.

      I've found people of color to be the most generous. Some Alpha males are, well, intolerent unless you dress better than they do?

      In NYC, I've always felt like a mark.  It's a bias?

      •  My comment was more facetious than anything (0+ / 0-)

        else, but I was remembering a Japanese student who knocked on someone's door in New Orleans and was shot dead for his trouble. I don't think the shooter was convicted.

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