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  •  I think MFP is me (7+ / 0-)

    First, two days ago I learned that I was gifted with a a gift subscription to DKos. To say it was a surprise is understating what this gift means to me.

    Second, I've been pretty scarce here for over a year, I'd only begun resurfacing a couple of weeks ago, so I'm very deeply grateful for this act on my behalf. it's been such a really challenging 24 months for me personally - that I've looked on participating here as a "reward" for doing ok and
    didn't think I deserved to participate based on my high standards for myself.

    Kinda strange to actually put that in words, I hope you get what I mean - here's an analogy: when I was a kid, the Sears Wish Book would come out and I never looked at it because we didn't have the money.  There was simply no point to it, from my perspective.

    Right now I'm trying my damnedest to overcome my self. I can't seem to follow through and complete things. It's been really, really tough.

    Long story short:
    Moved from WDC area to SW VT to join fiance in July '08.

    July '08 - Feb '09 Job doesn't work out.  Told ok that I didn't have a job for now.  

    Aug '09 join board of non profit - work as non-paid staffer, board member, then treasurer; same weekend husband's sister dies suddenly while picking up daughter at R. National Airport.

    Remarried in Jan '10.

    Mom died Mar '10. Sibs take passing hard. NW IN

    Officiated at wedding for J and A - Nov '10. Charlotte NC

    A seriously ill Mid-Dec '10. Florence SC

    T, a good friend of our social group, dies same day from Stage 4 leukemia (diagnosed early Oct '10).  Atlanta GA

    Two weeks later Best Gal dies unexpectedly, (she had MS) in KY (this would be 12/24 - also my b'day)

    late June '11 J admitted to hospital w kidney and liver failure we fly down to take turns in ICU with A and her mom; late July '11 J dies; notification efforts; A asks me to conduct funeral.

    mid Sept '11- I rip my right hamstring

    mid Oct '11 -  Discover signs of stroke in my husband; drive to hospital; transferred to Albany

    Nov '11 - Apr '12 fight w/ins, rehab, negotiating for spouse to go back to work; in Apr company transfers him back to NoVa must be there in 3 weeks

    May - find rental after 5 other places go to someone else, it's a bit pricey. (The med bills cut into our savings.)

    May - June 2 moves coordinated by me

    July - travel to MI for family event

    Aug -drive to annual brd mtg in WI

    Sept - Oct present non-profit info to MD Ren Faire mgmt (we raise $ for medical expense for festival partipants); educate community, hold 1st fundraiser. Result over $7.5K raised 1 evening + $2,500 contribution from mgmt.

    Oct to now - trying to reacclimate back to NoVa area. Looking for new job every day. Realizing my skills need sharpening when it comes to software applications. And the companies around here want you to already know their particular choice of software. And trying to appear younger on paper. Doesn't help that I had a few months retail gig as my last paid job while in VT.

    Realizing I don't know much of anyone around here anymore.

    So in an effort to get over myself I'm making efforts to reach out more. Tomorrow I'll be showing up at my sister-in-laws for the annual gingerbread house building. Hosting a few friends for a quiet New Year's eve with games and movies.

    And, playing phone tag with JamiefromMD - my phone doesn't let me know if I messages - voice or text - about a DKos get together for Virginia.

    I think writing this out tonight has been therapeutic.

    Hey, thanks for reading.

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