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  •  My Mother is a Pearl Harbor Survivor.... (17+ / 0-)

    On this day every year I call my mother to reflect on the misery that reigned from the sky and the sadness it brought upon the earth and the sea on this fateful day.

    My eight year old mother, her sister and my grandmother were on their way to church when the attack began, with post church plans to go to their girlfriends home for brunch. With all the commotion in the sky my grandmother looked up and said, "Oh my God, its the Rising Sun". With that and jeeps racing through the streets ordering civilians into their homes, to cover their windows and fill their tubs with water, the long wait began.

    For three days, not knowing if my grandfather, a navy submariner, who that day was stationed on the USS Narwahl in Pearl was alive or dead, they waited in the hallway of their small home.

    They survived the hell rained upon them that day, though their girlfriends they were to go visit after church, along with their mother, were all killed by the attack. Three of the thirteen civilians to die that day, who too are memorialized on a plaque at the Arizona Memorial.

    Three days later my grandfather arrived at home to the embrace of his family and prepared them for evacuation to the mainland.

    We still have the bullet riddled flag that flew that day on the USS Narwahl and one week of the dailiy issued Honolulu Star Bulletin newspaper. All safely protected for future generations.

    It took decades before my mother was able to speak about the atrocities she witnessed and smelled on that fateful day and the days that followed. But today she speaks to children and the media to remind them of the hell of war and to never forget the men and women who gave their lives because they chose to serve their country.

    I love you Mom.

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