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  •  Genetic identity is a little misleading... (0+ / 0-)

    ... among the British Isles.  First, there were the Celts who go way back to at least the Neolithic, migrating every westward and northward out of (perhaps) Scythia, originally.  Eventually they became separate peoples.

    Wave after wave of invasions:  Romans, Germanic mercenaries (with Caesar after he conquered Gaul), African and other Mediterranean mercenaries (with the Roman armies); the Roman soldiers - if they lived long enough - could retire wherever they wanted to, including in conquered countries, with a plot of land given to them for their military service.  Rome occupied what is present-day England from ca 54 BCE to 410 ACE.

    Shortly after Rome, the Anglo-Saxons were first invited, then invaded on their own.  They were Angles, Saxons, and Jutes from Jutland, Denmark, Saxons from northern Germany, and about to the region of modern Holland.  The name England is a contraction of Angle-Land.  They were the early version of the Vikings (and, of course, some of the Vikings were from Denmark and Sweden (Geats) as well as Norway), and they brought the Danelaw with them.

    The Vikings were marauding after the Anglo-Saxons, and they went even further afield with their explorations.  They also founded many of the coastal cities of Ireland.  The longest Viking ship ever unearthed by archaeologists was found at Roskilde Harbor in Denmark.  Dendrochronological dating puts the wood to build it from Ireland.  The famous red hair of the Irish likely came from Viking invaders / settlers.  [My Norwegian gr-grandfather had red hair and red beard until he died in his early 80s.]

    I was on a genetic genealogy list for a while, and the "really big topic" being discussed was yDNA.  [Can't use single inherited surnames for Scandinavian DNA; pre-1900 Scandinavian records use the patronymic naming system which is still used in Iceland and the Faroe Islands today.  Only the first name was the legal name.  The patronym is the father's first name with sen or datter (in Norway and Denmark) as the suffix denoting the sex of the individual offspring (sson/dotter in Sweden).  The location name there was the residence, not a surname until they went to a single surname after 1900 (by law, 1923 in Norway).]

    DNA studies in Iceland have revealed that the primary yDNA contributions are from Vikings..., and the primary mtDNA contributions are from Ireland.  DNA studies in the Faroe Islands indicate the primary yDNA is from Vikings..., and the primary mtDNA contributions were from the northern islands of Scotland and Scotland.

    Blood of the Vikings - Heritage  BBC Learning
    This series deals with yDNA and also delves into history, archaeology, language, etc.
    Blood Of The Vikings - 1 - First Blood  [48:07]

    Blood Of The Vikings - 2 - Invasion  [48:29]

    Blood Of The Vikings - 3 - The Sea Road  [48:45]

    Blood Of The Vikings - 4 - Rulers  [47:57]

    Blood Of The Vikings - 5 - Last Of The Vikings  [49:23]

    A little after 47 minutes into Blood of the Vikings,  Ivar the Boneless is mentioned, along with the nine-foot tall skeleton..., and he's mentioned in this film:
    The Strangest Viking - Documentary (Ivar the Boneless) [46+ minutes]
    [If you can't stand snakes, be forewarned there are two scenes with snakes in them.  Ick.]
    Ivar the Boneless

    Barbarians - The Vikings

    Lost Worlds - The Vikings [43:18]  Includes info on Buddha found in Sweden; notes rivets made of bog iron.
    Leif Ericson - Leif is pronounced to rhyme with safe.  His name is often mispronounced in this video.


    Ancient Warriors - Vikings

    Secrets of the Dead: The Lost Vikings

    Vikings: Journey to New Worlds ['Scuse the stupid ads, please, it's Hulu, otherwise it's a good - if brief - overview of the extent of Viking exploration and trade from the Byzantine Empire to the overwintering buildings in Newfoundland and all places in between.]

    I'm sick of attempts to steer this nation from principles evolved in The Age of Reason to hallucinations derived from illiterate herdsmen. ~ Crashing Vor

    by NonnyO on Fri Dec 07, 2012 at 10:17:04 PM PST

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