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  •  I have considered a diary about that (5+ / 0-)

    comparing the typical response to an outbreak of gun violence to the response to 9/11, since a frequent objection is that it's always 'too soon' to speak out or to take action. Didn't stop anyone from passing the Patriot act, or invading Afghanistan.

    It makes me wonder, if gun manufacturers can just flood the market enough so that people die from gun violence at regular intervals, by default it will always be 'too soon' since the last death...

    But I figured that's pretty much where we're at now.

    There is nothing so ridiculous that some philosopher has not said it. -- Cicero

    by tytalus on Fri Dec 07, 2012 at 10:40:58 AM PST

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    •  never-to-be-sufficiently damned USA PATRIOT (2+ / 0-)
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      theatre goon, PavePusher

      act was a boondoggle looing for a place to happen, and the biggest shame since the 2000 (s)election-by-USSC-decision that foisted shrubya on the nation, tytalus.

      Of course, I'm speaking as someone who values freedom, my Constitutional rights, and equality for all ....

      which would include those not part of the uber-cool anti-gun factions.

      LBJ, Lady Bird, Anne Richards, Barbara Jordan, Sully Sullenberger, Ike, Drew Brees, Molly Ivins --Texas is no Bush league! -7.50,-5.59

      by BlackSheep1 on Fri Dec 07, 2012 at 04:11:07 PM PST

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