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View Diary: Public debt of the United States shall not be questioned: the 14th Amendment and the debt ceiling (304 comments)

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    Armando, FG

    GOP threatens debt ceiling cliff; Obama gives in.

    It's in both side's nature. The GOP couldn't care less about the effect of their madness; Obama does care about the country and you really can't negotiate with madmen.

    It's why I disagree with analysis that says the GOP is over a barrel. Why? There's no election for two years, the media will blame both sides, the public only cares about the economy at large and Obama and his party will be blamed -- maybe not right away but in the final analysis -- if this all blows up.

    Remember, while basically the public doesn't care about the debt, they HAVE bought into the 'spending hurts the economy' bullshit. And the tenuous link between the ceiling and 'spending.'

    But I guess we'll see soon enough.

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