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  •  I am proactively boycotting (1+ / 0-)

    any story in any medium relating to The Lucky Sperm Club in the UK. Unfortunately, dear diarist, that includes the rest of this diary, no matter how noteworthy or significant the other bits may be.

    •  Buh-bye. (4+ / 0-)

      Best of luck in your pursuit of purity in your media consumption.

    •  I read the entire diary, and the ones (0+ / 0-)

      before this one, and I'll read the ones that come after, all on the very high risk that I'll know more when I'm done than when I started.

      There are just a hell of a lot of very good writers and thinkers on this site.  The guy who compiled this Midday Open Thread is one of them.  

      Tucked in to one of the pieces above is yet another setback for the National Organization for Marriage.  Their members must be becoming increasingly demoralized.  Less motivated than they were when the initial summons to discriminate and hate reached them.  I picture several of their members leaving meetings early, heading down to their local tavern, and drowning their irrelevance in hard liquor.  

      Only there's always more irrelevance than there is liquor.  Which is yet another thing they'll have to worry about, I guess.  

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