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  •  What a Sick and I do mean Sick Joke (7+ / 0-)

    So Republicans get to keep all but a teeny rate increase on a teeny percentage of the richest people in this country and in return Democrats take away healthcare from people 65 to 67.

    What a deal!! Oh whoa can I campaign for that.  Whoopeeeee!!!!

    Of course this obscene compromise and concession to the Koch Brothers, Trumps, Gates, Buffetts, Romney's, etc. would make it essential that for the greater good of bond traders Medicare must be cut even more than if they don't make this devil's bargain.

    What an ENORMOUS win for Republicans keeping almost totally all of the Bush tax cuts and in return for keeping almost totally all of the Bush tax cuts which have deprived the government of the revenue needed to avoid huge deficits, in return for this itty, bitty, teeny, tiny tax increase on the very richest Americans, Medicare will be gutted.

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