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View Diary: Michigan Activists: Civil Disobedience Training Tomorrow 10a-1p UAW 600 (Tu 12/11 rally prep) (50 comments)

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  •  I honestly don't know. Last go round when we were (1+ / 0-)
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    peregrine kate

    protesting the budget debacle and Public Act 4 and school cuts we were not allowed to bring signs inside, we had to leave them outside the doors.  We just stacked them neatly or stood them up in an empty barrel and reclaimed them when we went back outside.
    If protesters have their message printed on their clothing, though, they can't do anything about that.  
    I just wanted to share those experiences with people who are going Tuesday--again, only carry necessities, watch out for scammers, pay attention.  Detroit News is reporting that Republican groups are sending out alerts to their organizers to get ready for the backlash and the Koch's AFP are already there.  Dick Devos is busy buying up the ads in favor of RTW we are seeing on MI tv spots and AFP have already been set up on the capitol grounds.  And obviously some people are just plain off, like scammers etc.

    The Michigan Republican Partywas mobilizing the get-out-the-vote apparatus it usually uses for elections by reactivating campaign offices where volunteers could call legislators and write letters to newspapers in support of right to work.

    "As I write this email, the same union bosses who tried to hijack Michigan's Constitution are busy at work protesting the Capitol and trying to bully, threaten and intimidate legislators in Lansing," GOP state ChairmanBobbySchostak said Friday in a message to supporters.

    Detroit News

    The same article says Nancy Pelosi released a statment and that CNN has a news crew here:

    A five-member CNN news team flew to Lansing from New York City late Thursday to join a CNN satellite truck driven in from Chicago overnight.

    Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released a statement on Snyder's decision to push "anti-worker" legislation through the lame-duck session between the November elections and late December, saying, "It has nothing to do with expanding workplace freedom; to the contrary, it serves to weaken the rights and wages of workers."

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