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    I made cider every year when I had a big apple tree, then I moved and planted a few cider varieties, but haven't had a crop yet. I have some 2 year old perry (pear cider) which I ought to bottle.
    To press apples or pears ,they must first be crushed into a sort of chunky applesauce, or you won't get much yield.  Traditional presses have crushers mounted above the pressing basket.
    A good book is Making Cider by Proulx and Nichols.
    A simple way to play with cider is to get a gallon of pasteurized juice with no sorbate or benzoate preservatives, throw in whatever wine or beer yeast you have handy, and leave the cap loose. Place in a bowl or someplace where some foaming over won't matter. Start drinking around day 3 or 4 while it is still sweet but has some alcohol and carbonation .Yum! Add more sugar or juice as needed. Another similar thing I did one summer was to mix up some cheap frozen fruit concentrate in a two gallon water cooler with spigot and add some Wyeast Belgian Strong Ale yeast. I kept it on a table in the basement. Pour and reload as needed.
    Drinking a Brewer's Best Imperial Brown Ale.

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    by Grainpaw on Fri Dec 07, 2012 at 08:21:00 PM PST

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