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  •  Maybe Obama shouldn't be so confident (4+ / 0-)

    There is something I and others have called "Obama Jujitsu" in the world of politics.   President Barack Obama is, of course, the black-belted athletic and spry Buddha of "Obama Jujitsu"

    When it comes to politics and issue framing and campaign operations timing [and probably other stuff] and when practicing "Obama Jujitsu," our current President uses some of the techniques of professional wrestling in the staging, timing and positioning of his operations and influences.

    In the same manner as a professional wrestler, using the momentum and kinetic energy of their own and their opponents bodies and moves, Obama uses messaging, negotiation strategy, the presence of overwhelming factual occurrence (Hurricane Sandy), the mis-placed momentum of his political opponents advocacy trajectory....all to flip the opponent around, to manage the issue, the controversy, the negotiation, the playing field, the media narrative, etc. to Obama's advantage.

    To watch it happen and go on, and to see periodic displays of this is almost like performance art to watch it all happen.

    I think Obama Jujitsu is a better name for it than some professional wrestler name, like "Obama the Bruiser" or "Leaping Barack Hussein Obama."   Besides, those names might not assist all of our efforts to get Obama and the USA to wean themselves off of the substance and the USA's  pursuit of empire and extended worldwide military influence.

    Notwithstanding the above, the following disclaimers apply....I voted for Obama twice; I support about 90% of Obama's decisions.     The summer 2011 budget/debt/deals sucked unequivocally - but even here, this may have been an Obama Jujitsu exercise.  

    I sometimes wonder if what happened to David Petraeus is just the latest example of Obama Jujitsu.   The General was never a friend and I think Obama was keeping him close by, and knowing about the affair, let nature take its course with Petraeus, his biographer and the existence of expected code of conduct/ethical violation in the intelligence community of a leader having an affair was the final act of Obama Jujitsu to manage and solve his David Petraeus problem, once and for all.

    However, the fiscal cliff deal is a product of Obama Jujitsu and I think that Howard Dean is right that we should go over the fiscal cliff.....and let the military take the cut that the country really needs to have happen.

    Or....getting back to the first point, maybe Obama confidence now is just a part of Obama Jujitsu (smile).

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