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  •  I was denied an interview with one company (5+ / 0-)

    because they wanted someone with experience in Panvalet.  Panvalet is ancient history in the mainframe world.  A lot of companies don't use it any longer and/or moved on to better products.  So, their applicant pool would probably be limited to people in their late 50's, it's that old.  The position was opening because someone was retiring.  Yet, according to the 'specific' skill requirements, they were limiting themselves to people that are intending to retire sooner than later.  Panvalet can't be that difficult to learn, especially if you've been a mainframe programmer for more than 15 years already.  Despite all my experience, I was excluded because I've no experience in one specific tool.

    •  Precisely... there is a shelf-life on every single (5+ / 0-)

      tool, not only in the computer industry, although that's one place it happens. It certainly happens in other industries too. And these things aren't that hard to learn if an employer is willing to, oh, say, offer skills seminars on them or oh, say, have the person they just fired spend a few days with you to teach you how to use what they want you to use.

      Seriously, this kind of thing drives me nuts. So much that I could rant and rant. It's insulting. They're saying you are not capable of learning Panvalet.

      I bet you damned well could learn it in a short period of time.

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      by mahakali overdrive on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 10:53:10 AM PST

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      •  If I can learn Changeman to the point of knowing (4+ / 0-)

        more than my 'boss' in less than a year, I can learn Panvalet quickly.

        I've been to interviews, where they were required to interview me because of legalities, where I've been told I don't understand programming, despite more than 13 years worth of experience at the time.  It was for positions that were primarily .Net application development and all my experience had been in mainframe prior to that.  Where the hell do they think VB.Net came from???  They had no clue on the history of their own development platform.... VB.Net is a glorified, trumped up, version of BASIC that was purchased by M$ years ago.

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