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    Not with the concept that there are rules, but with the idea it can't be redefined fairly easily. If there is one thing we own in our lives it is our language. It is our ability to communicate. I don't want that left to a committee. I love that English allows us to create our own ways to share.

    Sure, we have trouble reading Shakespeare, Old English and the Second Amendment. But it's a good trade, IMO, for having the ability to share thoughts and ideas in new and compelling language.

    Actually, sort of funny to bring Shakespeare in the debate on words, as so many of his that we now consider "proper" he made up. Shakespeare did not feel at all bound by rules. If you're looking for someone entirely comfortable with redefining language, Shakespeare is a clear example.

    by Magenta on Sat Dec 08, 2012 at 06:40:38 PM PST

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