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  •  I don't doubt a 4th Hispanic district (0+ / 0-)

    is possible by VAP, since DWS's is already over a third Hispanic VAP. However, I don't think it's required, at least by our current court's lax interpretation of Gingles (although I'm admittedly not a lawyer or a VRA expert), and I'm not sure who would sue to force it if it was. Furthermore, I was trying to draw a map that could plausibly pass a Democratic trifecta, so I was trying to minimize the extent to which I messed with Parochial interests. Corrine Brown would almost certainly still be upset (even though she'd probably be okay) And Alcee Hastings might not be completely happy either, although he'd probably make less of a fuss. DWS is already probably somewhat upset about losing the coast liberals in northern Miami- I'm not sure the map could afford to upset her more by radically reconfiguring her district.

    While I admit that 86% is a bit high, I think the the current district is about 80%, and 61% and 65% VAP should be plenty to satisfy VRA, especially since CVAP is probably higher among Cubans than most Hispanics, since most of that immigration came in the early 60s after Castro came to power and most of the people living here today are second or third generation immigrants.

    •  Four is definitely not required (1+ / 0-)
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      I just think it would be good to make a fourth seat (in the bizarre situation where Florida Democrats have the trifecta), and give Hispanics more opportunities for office.  It doesn't even hurt DWS that much.  Most of her district can still be maintained, the fourth district mostly comes from pieces of the current three, plus other areas in South Florida that are sucked in to make population.  Basically, of the 2 new districts Florida won in reappropriation, just put one in Miami.

      •  Would you mind drawing an example? (0+ / 0-)

        Florida may have gotten another district, but there are only so many people in Miami. I genuinely don't see how you can draw 4 Hispanic districts in south Florida while maintaining the 24th as a black VRA district and DWS's district as as a plurality white district, especially since the threshold for Hispanic VRA districts is closer to 60% VAP due to CVAP issues.

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