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  •  You work at a medical center and there is no (3+ / 0-)
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    marykk, liz dexic, trueblueliberal

    affordable healthcare or clinic for the workers?

    Whoa. That is ironic.

    Good luck to you and your fellow workers, because that needs to be fixed. Unionizing might be the best idea since the company cannot be trusted to do what's right without serious prompting.

    •  there are options... (1+ / 0-)
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      the Urgent Care centers have very reasonable hours, and a $40 co-pay. They are relatively new and we have made good use of them. A trip to the ER is a $75 co-pay, even if you get hurt on the job. UPMC family insurance starts with a $3000 annual deductible but that can be lowered by jumping through the MyHealth hoops that change annually. The things required to reduce the deductible often involve appointments and co-pays. I do enjoy the free annual flu vaccine, though.

      •  I like the doc-in-the-box option (0+ / 0-)

        One thing that was generally a problem for us, was that you don't get sick during working hours. We don't hurt ourselves during working hours. It's always at midnight on a Sat or Fri that one of the kids gets sore throat or a fever, or what have ya.

        And then its worse than a minor accident or illness but not like a severed finger ---you can't get hold of a doctor or a nurse, your only options seemed like an ER visit or wait 10 days or more to see your regular doctor.

        It was just stupid.

        Now I can take the kids in or ourselves in to the urgent care center, pay a small co-pay and get things taken care of, or get an opinion about whether someone needs an ER or other followup care.

      •  Is that 3000 dollars a deductible a person? Or for (0+ / 0-)

        an entire family?

        •  High deductible (0+ / 0-)

          $3000 for the family to start. Got a flu shot for free, dental check up, which included replacing a filling and a new crown, an eye exam, filled out the MyHealth online questionnaire and maybe some other stuff to get it reduced to $1000. Starts at $2000 for an individual. The dental coverage, which is extra, covered the cleaning and check-up, and either 40 or 60% of the more expensive dental work.

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