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  •  Belief is god is certainly not inarguable... (0+ / 0-)

    But it is at over 90% in the US, from the latest polls I've seen.  Seems reasonable to call that a vast majority.  Maybe even if it were at 85%...

    But while 74% is certainly a majority (Though, again, I see no evidence that the entire 74% thinks that the rest are "ultimately needlessly obsessing over guns"), it's not the "vast majority", and most definitely not the "vast vast vast majority".

    •  74% is almost a 50 point difference (3+ / 0-)
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      glorificus, PavePusher, oldpunk

      51% is a 1 point difference and I would call it a slight majority.  a 50 point difference is beyond a majority.  it's beyond strong majority.  beyond super majority.  it's in blow out territory.  50 points is a gulf of difference between two positions.  a vast gulf in my opinion.  is it a vast vast vast gulf?  fuck if i know.  but it's a goddamn lot more than just a majority.  in any case, i said it was a flourish in response to the question 'what planet are you from' that suggested i was out on some limb with my opinion.

      in regards to using the term inarguable, i meant it in the sense that there's no arguing against those things and winning enough support to swing the majority your direction.  you can't convince a majority to not believe in god or to not support the troops or to be for terrorism.  it's inarguable for all intents and purposes.

      as for whether a major (vast vast vast or whatever) think the left is 'ultimately needlessly obsessing over guns' i think i am absolutely correct about it.  i think it's in the realm of people who argue about whether love is real or just an chemically delusion our brains induce to get us to propagate the species.  most people just nod along with the conversation and walk away thinking 'um, okay, anyway'.  guns have been around for everyone since we've all been born.  i think most people think being anti gun is an overreaction.  modest gun regulation is of practical use, but the mission that the anti gun people seem to be on just seems like it's taking place in an alternate reality.  kind of like scientists who study whether love is real.  it just doesn't connect with most people.  

      so long and thanks for all the fish

      by Anton Bursch on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 12:03:56 AM PST

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      •  Think you may need a dictionary... (0+ / 0-)

        I don't mean that in an insulting manner (Though arguably a condescending manner).

        Definition of INARGUABLE:

        not arguable : not open to doubt or debate.


        Inarguable does not mean unable to convince people people of something - it means that a topic isn't open to debate.
      •  Oh, and also... (2+ / 0-)
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        blueoasis, splashy

        The "what planet does this makes sense", actually referred to your argument, I would assume.  You're arguing that accidents are not cause for legislation - which would imply laws requiring seatbelts and airbags (Which protect against accidents) are a bad idea.  Also laws requiring safeties on guns are a bad idea.  Also workplace safety laws.

        Poor handling of the smallpox virus at a research lab causes an outbreak?  Well, that's just an accident!  No need for any laws there!

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