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View Diary: Why Aren't We Talking About EXPANDING Social Security and Medicare? (273 comments)

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  •  But I pat taxes, even though I am a Social (26+ / 0-)

    Security beneficiary. I receive nothing for free. I worked and paid into the benefit system. My wife works 70 hours a week to make sure end are met and we get no welfare benefits at all. So why do some people try to paint me as a free rider? My family pays a marginal rate of 10% on 40,000.00/year. Mitt Romney pays 14% on income in excess of a million a year. And finances his business deals with essentially free money because interest rates are so low. I do not get free passage on anything. Yet the discussion revolves around how much of a cut I should take.

    The wealthy are not investing in investments that create new jobs. With the current level of demand they would be foolish to. So the only agency big enough to make those investments is government. We badly need infrastructure improvement. We need to save pension funds that have been robbed by Wall Street and starved by tax cutting state legislatures seeking favors from the rich. It is the rich who should bear this burden of fixing the mess created by helping the rich at the cost of the poor and working class. Anyone who supports cuts to Social Security and Medicare and unemployment insurance is an enemy of the working class and the poor. Now what party that person belongs to.

    We have an entire wing of our party who are enemies of working people. The folks who do not like labor unions. The folks who think that government employees are greedy. The folks who support cuts in the safety net. The folks who do not like regulation. Elections like the last one are close because many undecided voters do not have a clear distinction in mind between the two parties. Because in many cases there is no clear distinction.

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