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View Diary: We Need to Kick the Crap out of the GOP on Medicare (104 comments)

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  •  Obama didn't do too much, but to little... (5+ / 0-)

    Not because he is weak, but the forces that thrive on the current health care system, 15% of the GDP are not about ready to be redefined.

    There are many distortions, or as republicans call it, lies, in the Healthcare act.  First, is the fiscal premises are based on a mythical cut in physician payment that was forced on the CBO to get the figures that could be sold to the public. That's like the doc fix that corrects projection to reality every year.

    The requirement to computerize billing to Medicare, touted as an improvement, has caused a spike in false charges as it make it too easy to do (easily googled for reference) There are vast inherent problems that are made worse in the goal of universal health availability.

    Simply castigating those who describe these very real issues does nothing about solving them, something that first of all requires removing it from the political realm.  The Demonization by Republicans of rational choices being 'death panels" is reprehensible, but counter distortions don't help solve problems, and they are vast, for technical reasons and for the political forces that will fight against any meaningful change.

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