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View Diary: We Need to Kick the Crap out of the GOP on Medicare (104 comments)

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    I hate to constantly be such a downer on this, but I'm too depressed to think constructively about it anymore.

    Here's why we can't beat the crap out of the GOP on Medicare.  SS and Medicare used to be the BRAND issues of the Democratic Party.  It was the same birch stick we beat the crap out of them with EVERY election.

    However, if we try to use SS or Medicare to do that, we're going to be fucked over by the so-called moderates in the Democratic Party that think they can earn brownie points with the centrist beltway types by being the last grownups in the room and compromising things away.  Sure, it hurts the party, but that's what grownups do -- they think of the country (or the centrist's screwed-up idea of the country) in order to do what's right.  Even when it's wrong.

    So all the rest of the Democratic Party gets left holding the bag and a few people in the centrist coalition gain prestige in their small circle (not with the voters, who oppose them in all polls on this, mind you).  It's a scam.  

    The only way I can think of to stop this is to just flat out attack Democrats, and I don't think there's enough stomach right now to do that right.  And media like CNN will just spin it as the babies in the Democratic Party whining if we do, that we're not grown-up enough to compromise, that we don't take the godawful fiscal cliff from hell as seriously as they all do.

    Sometimes I wish I could reach through the TV and grab Wolf Blitzer and Gloria Borger and Ali Velshi and David Gergen and put them all in a sack and drown them.

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