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  •  twigg, the medicare SAVINGS at 55 eligibility has (4+ / 0-)
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    sngmama, twigg, tardis10, Slightly Wobbly

    been documented and was commonly referred to here back when we used to argue hard between Medicare-For-All and the incremental (and good) changes that is the current ACA.  (some things don't change much at all...)(just a different hat).

    The calculation was based on figures showing that up to 55 with or without insurance, people didn't cost as much as after 55. simple enough...but it's the deferred maintenance, let's call it.

    Many, and enough to be important, can't afford/won't spend the huge premiums charged by ins. companies after 55 until 65.
      They go without insurance.
      They go without healthcare or pay cash and very little as possible, deferring important screenings, early treatments, and all else that might have given them a less costly and physically and medically better result as well.....and you can read it and hear the fear in many comments in just this and the other diary by real people right now.

    When the survivors of this practice reach 65, they have gone without wellness visits, screenings, and all the preventative medicine practiced by Medicare paid physicians.

        At 65 the survivors  then present for their first Medicare visit, the Wellness visit (if it isn't the emergency room)
    with a host of issues that will eventually prove:
    * fatal, in a higher percentage without the earlier treatments and screenings
    * cost way more to Medicare than if treated earlier, such as cancers
    * cost way more to society as the result of losing these people who shouldn't have had to suffer, die, or have longer and more costly treatments after 65.

    Now that's for the people who stopped paying for private insurance and tried to stay healthy and defer preventative medicine hoping for the best until they could go on Medicare at 65.

    As I recall the study didn't make a claim as to the costs to people 55-65 of dealing with the huge premium increases every year by accepting less premium costs but with higher out of pocket policies.....aka junk insurance.
          That tends to inhibit basic medical care as all of it until say $4000 is really out of their pockets . This really inhibits day to day medical care as there is little money after the premium, Catch 22You.
       I would bet since it is almost the same range of people that the results would look similar, and far different that if these people had gone on Medicare at 55 without the many thousands spent on junk insurance, money they would have very likely had to spend at those income little savings but better medical treatments and outcomes.

    (I know, I am a survivor of this, a $250,000 cost lucky one, so far, knock on wood, fingers crossed.)

    What I am saying is there is already a calculation supported by research that demonstrates the savings in costs to Medicare alone by lowering to 55.
         And I feel it could well be described as a conservative study, not counting this increase in productivity from new employees replacing those who can now retire at 55 instead of filling a job only for the insurance.

    It also doesn't attempt to describe savings from premiums saved and then spent in the economy as direct economic stimulus as well.

    ( bags of chaff being addressed at this moment..incoming!...maybe.)

      I wish I had the link, it was well discussed in Eve's great diary efforts back then, and Eve, where are ya dear?
      Anybody remember that and have the link?

    good stuff brother, keep it coming!

    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Mon Dec 10, 2012 at 12:01:04 AM PST

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