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View Diary: We Need to Kick the Crap out of the GOP on Medicare (104 comments)

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  •  Universal Healthcare in this country cannot fail (2+ / 0-)
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    I assume by this you mean single payer. I have heard several Kossacs claim recently that we are inevitably headed there. And I actually agree but I think it may take longer than many think, and we may have to get to the breaking point of the current system, and beyond, to get there. Also I do not think this by itself is a cure-all for our present medical delivery system. The reason people have high healthcare costs is, first, insurance is expensive (single payer helps a lot with that), but second, the way we treat medical conditions drives up costs in all kinds of ways, and the patient is not in a position to understand or change that in most cases (single payer doesn't necessarily fix that). So to get to the low costs and good outcomes other countries with single payer enjoy, we need a lot of changes to the current system, and not just the insurance part. ACA has only started on that. There will be winners and losers in those changes, and so there will be political fights.

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