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  •  A tradition grew up in Europe in the Middle (5+ / 0-)

    Ages that the kings/wise men symbolically represented all humanity, coming to honor the baby announced by a star.  So one was African, one white, and one Asian, representing the farthest reaches of the world as they knew of it.  For scholarly Europeans it would be no surprise that some Africans were kings and wise men, since they knew of the northern African countries, the Moors, etc.  Sometimes doctors from southern Europe went to one of the port cities of West Africa to study with the doctors there, who had more sophisticated knowledge than they did.  Sorry, I can't remember now the name of the city.

    Of course, a lot of different traditions developed around those barely-mentioned kings.  People are just naturally such story tellers.

    I hope everyone is enjoying and/or getting ready for their holidays without too much stress and busy-ness.  (It's a challenge.)

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    by Fiona West on Tue Dec 11, 2012 at 07:17:19 PM PST

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