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    in the 60's, 70's, you could work at a grocery store and support a family, why?  Because most of the grocery stores were unionized, and though most did not get rich, they could, and did, live a middle class life.

    Now?  We have allowed Walmart to invade our nation, destroying us from within, wages and no full time hours, no benefits, but there is money to be made because the owners of walmart are the richest folks in the world, god forbid they take less so that those who work for them can have a decent life.

    Wages have just not kept up, I remember working in the 80's and making $8 an hour, not a huge amount, but it allowed my husband and I to save money and live comfortably (he made more at his job).  

    30 years later wages are still where they were then, but the cost of everything else has gone up exponentially.  Profits have gone up, but NONE of the profits have gone to those this really what we want our nation to look like?  

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      JG in MD, TheDuckManCometh

      Only the federal government "makes" money, our money.

      Some people steal it and hoard it.  What they withdraw from circulation, the federal government should replace.

      Think of dollars as certified IOUs, similar to marriage certificates. People don't need certification to incur debts and obligations, but certification tells people they are serious in their commitment.

      Why does Congress want to ration certificates of debt? Because they are, for the most part, people who don't want to recognize debts, especially not their own.

      We organize governments to deliver services and prevent abuse.

      by hannah on Tue Dec 11, 2012 at 08:10:24 AM PST

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