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View Diary: Unemployed & The Republican War on Christmas (6 comments)

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  •  Also the main point of this (7+ / 0-)

    is that Republicans are waging a war on consumer confidence. That invisible hand they love so much is at their mercy. I don't see myself doing much more Christmas shopping and I would really like to but at the threat of losing my life line I will pass.

    •  NAILED IT! (5+ / 0-)
      Republicans are waging a war on consumer confidence.
      Yup, that's what the constant hostage taking of routine shit like the debt ceiling does, it undermines consumer confidence and it creates exactly the kind of instability and uncertainty that Republicans say scares of the mythical "job creators".

      Yes, Republicans are waging a war on consumer confidence for one main reason, it hurts Obama. God forbid the economy recovers before a Republican is President again!

      Country first, my ass.

      Does this hurt the overall economy? Yes.

      Do Republicans give a shit? Not at all. To the detriment of all of us.

      Regulate banks, not vaginas

      by MinistryOfTruth on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 10:01:32 AM PST

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