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    Really kind of encompasses the thermodynamic definition as well.

    You can't extract energy from a disordered system as, ultimately, disorder resembles the ultimate order.  Everything's pretty much the same, and there's no differential to exploit.

    Similarly, the Sun's entropy--disorder--is increasing far more rapidly than it would have if the proto-solar cloud had never contracted.  Those nice photons the Sun shoots out are further away every second, and there are more of them.  It's really a very disorderly system at the end of it, with part of the Solar mass spread through the Universe as photons and the rest in a homogenous lump of carbon cooling down.

    Give it enough time and, one way or another (theories differ but all end up at the same place), even that final mass dissolves into a thin soup of photons and the rare particle/antiparticle pair.

    It doesn't get much more disorderly than that.

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    by Lonely Liberal in PA on Sun Dec 09, 2012 at 06:48:00 PM PST

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