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View Diary: Pisugtooq, the Wanderer, and the Shipping Lanes of Hillary Clinton (15 comments)

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    In reality, my title was not particularly barbed. The US is in the middle of a curious gambit in the Arctic. Obama's certainly not been anywhere near as intensely interested or involved as Secretary Clinton.

    You are, of course, right about Keystone.  Kossack and esteemed climate leader Bill McKibben wrote about this:


    T]he rumor is that Clinton’s State Department is nonetheless about to recommend approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which the top climate scientists in the nation have unanimously called a terrible idea. As far as I know, though, Clinton’s subordinates haven’t reached out to ask them why. For more than a year now, it’s been one of Washington’s worst-kept secrets that Clinton wants the pipeline approved. And why not? Its builder, TransCanada, hired her old deputy campaign manager as its chief lobbyist and gave lobbying contracts to several of her big bundlers. Leaked emails show embassy officials rooting on the project; it’s classic D.C. insiderism. (And, weirdly, her rumored successor is just as involved—Susan Rice has millions in stock in TransCanada and other Canadian energy companies.)
    Whether Obama's responsible as President isn't the issue here. The reader took umbrage over something which is accurate.  Even if it were as less accurate as he claims, Clinton's involvment is so heavy that it's hardly something to justify being angry about a criticism of her for.

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