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View Diary: Top Comments: George Will "The opposition to gay marriage is literally dying" Edition (163 comments)

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  •  Several old school Republicans, especially the (7+ / 0-)

    quasi-libertarians like Will are trying to distance themselves from equal rights issues which I doubt that they ever embraced strongly, but were forced there by the marriage between the neoconservaties and fundamentalists.  Now, that was an unholy alliance.

    I haven't read Will in years now, but some of his commentary, baseball aside, was within the realm of reason.  He always came across as borderline racist to me, however, and fully embraced economic and class discrimination.

    The interesting development will be to see how, if the party does shift to no longer flaunting the bigotry banner,  they hold the fundamentalists.  Will the prosperity gospel be sufficient with the Kochs, Schaiffes, etc. continuing their same game plan and the fundies successfully toning down the level of hatred to convince their followers to support the less extreme messages?  I suspect so since they were able to do that with a Mormon and an Ayn Rand Catholic.  Regardless it will be interesting to watch.

    Thanks for catching this and I do think Will's statement is significant.  I don't anticipate an end to the fight but pulling back will allow the changes that will continue to grow to do so more quickly.

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