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View Diary: Radio industry convulsing: more Clear Channel layoffs; Cumulus sharpens axe; more Limbaugh damage (75 comments)

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  •  Radio Death Sprial (3+ / 0-)
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    It occurs to me that terrestrial radio is entering a death spiral similar to newspapers and, well, other failing businesses.  Have you ever watched a restaurant fail?  They raise the prices which is counter intuitive, then they cut the help so you get less service for more money, they try coupons and gimmicks while they may cut ones that work like senior discounts, none of which makes sense.  You know they are finally circling the drain when they cut the food quality.  

    All this sound familiar to radio.  Less help, fewer and lower quality choices, higher low-quality ad load, and gimmicks like having your audience sponsor the show and pay for pod casts they can't get in their car.  Circle, circle, circle, round and round, down and down.  

    I used to read 2 newspapers a day and now I read none.  I listened to AM 1090 Progressive Talk in Seattle when I'm in the car but when they change formats in January I'll be done with radio as well.   I already get my hard news from the Internet but I can't afford to podcast my progressive favorites and that the whole thing of recording them to playback while driving is too much of a hassle anyway.  Guess your stuck with me here.

    A bad idea isn't responsible for those who believe it. ---Stephen Cannell

    by YellerDog on Tue Dec 11, 2012 at 01:01:43 AM PST

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