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  •  Rec'd, because the woman has (2+ / 0-)
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    randomfacts, JamieG from Md

    earned her stature among world leaders.

    Just the same, an awful lot can happen to shake the jar of fireflies out in the back yard.  

    There are also strong cases to made for other Democrats for the 2016 ticket.  I'm not making any of them at the moment because I'm still enjoying the outcome of the presidential race from last month.  

    And Tammy Baldwin is going to be my new Senator.  

    No matter who heads our ticket, I'd like to see a ferocious effort made to battle the GOP in every precinct in the country.  Even in historically strong red districts, and even if our people lose those individual races, let's force the Republican candidates to defend their party's exclusional and discriminatory platform.  

    I like the idea of running political races both for the cycle at hand and for the next generation.  

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