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  •  Neither Chomsky nor Goodman are Democrats (2+ / 0-)

    At least, officially so, in a capacity to speak for them as such. While it's true that the establishment media goes out of its way to ignore "inconvenient" journalists and analysts like these, it continues to invite on its shows leading Dems and various left-leaning journalists, analysts and pundits, and they could certainly be stronger in defending against RW ideas and policies and promoting progressive ones, instead of enabling the former and distancing themselves from the latter.

    Some of them, of course, are not liberal Dems and/or are self-interested enough to enable RW ideas and policies. E.g. Rendell, Ford, Cuomo, etc., i.e. conservative and neoliberal Dems, who are basically yesterday's moderate Repubs. We have to pressure them to stop the hosebaggery and RW ass-kissing and start acting and talking like real Dems (i.e. liberal Dems). But there are also tough liberal Dems who stand up to the right and defend liberalism. We have to encourage them.

    You have to play the system as it's currently structured, even as you try to improve that system over the long term. We're still not playing it very well, but we're getting better. Look at the primetime lineup on MSNBC.

    "Liberty without virtue would be no blessing to us" - Benjamin Rush, 1777

    by kovie on Mon Dec 10, 2012 at 08:53:51 AM PST

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