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  •  That is a very cogent point. (3+ / 0-)
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    This past weekend I was reading a science-fiction book written and set in the early 80s; it included, as background characters, a gay couple who (despite no legal provision existing for it at the time) considered themselves married.  And what struck me as old-fashioned about it was a passing mention of "Marty and his wife Dave".

    The assumption presumably being -- and it's an assumption I have heard over and over again -- that if two people are married, one of them must be the wife.

    (Though on consideration, it was not clear whether Dave calls Marty his husband or also calls Marty his wife; it strikes me as confusing, either way.)

    And yes -- a same-gender couple in which both spouses are wives, or both husbands, can illustrate beautifully that the old standard spouse roles are malleable customs, not fixed laws of nature.

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