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View Diary: [Update x2]Business Woman Faces Eviction For Feeding Pooties (88 comments)

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    I think this group might help or know of someone who can. They have a list of state orgs as well.
    Hope you find some help, we adopted a few ferals and they are great but yeah, takes time to make them feel at home. We also have a few outdoor ferals, trapped and neutered them but they are not interested in being inside. They live in our garage and we made a warm spot for them and feed them etc. Actually all the neighbors feed them, they are the best fed feral cats I've ever seen.

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      I've contacted them, as well as any other organization I could find online.  Most of the organizations are very helpful in finding s/n services, and providing guidance on managing a colony.  Help with relocation....not so much.  The group you mentioned did actually reply back to me saying my offer was extremely generous, and that they'd put me on their list and start looking.

      Unfortunately, there is not a long waiting list of people to take feral cat colonies so I know this is going to be a really hard thing to do.  I post a comment here from time to time, just to keep the idea in the backs of people's minds, and will be writing a diary about it once the election/holidays/fiscal cliff stuff is over.  Someone, somewhere is going to know someone who is about to move to a small farm and I hope they will have read one of my posts and remember where to get a kickass bunch of barn cats!

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