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View Diary: Group says Obama should crank up health, safety and climate regulations with seven executive orders (58 comments)

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    Unfortunately I don't think
    some commenters here give a flying f**k about the hundreds of small (and many not-so-small) discrete actions the Obama administration has already taken to address climate change, the environment, fracking and many related categories.

    The $80 Billion (yes, billion with a B) that Obama secured during his first 100 days (as part of the ARRA stimulus) for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy... jumpstarting a next generation battery manufacturing sector, upgrading electricity transmission infrastructure to get stranded solar and wind to load centers, residential energy audits and upgrades, etc, etc, etc....  paid for hundreds of positive actions to assist with climate and environmental challenges. And those were secured in just his first 100 days.

    As we all know, the ensuing pushback tantrum from the fossil-owned GOP sphincter constipated the whole legislative intestine... and even then Obama used many means at his disposal to keep it moving (often inch by inch, with lots of groaning). The EPA exec order discussed upthread being only one of many.

    The long-overdue nuke treaty that Obama actually accomplished would be the supreme ruby in the crown for any traditional head of state. But given the stellar level of accomplishment that Obama operates on, combined with the piss-poor level of national conversation, means that gem just gets lost in the noise.

    His second term hasn't even started yet. And already you can see he is stepping up the game to a whole new level, having gotten the albatross of need-for-reelection off his neck.

    It will take 20-30 years for the whole transition to take place, but mark my words, the next four years will be the decisive ones that break the back of the fossil stranglehold. We will do it. And Obama is one of us.

    #3: ensure network neutrality; #2: ensure electoral integrity; #1: ensure ecosystemic sustainability.

    by ivote2004 on Mon Dec 10, 2012 at 08:45:13 PM PST

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