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  •  Eating and SS (3+ / 0-)
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    cstark, Mr Robert, Timothy J

    Have you tried to get food stamps? Or go to a food pantry? Hope you eat a couple bananas and apples too. It's important to get some produce in your diet. I volunteer at a food co-op, and drive their leftover perishables to a food pantry once a week. The produce is still good at that point. I'm on SS too. I do have some freelance writing jobs that bring in extra money, but it's a tight budget.

    •  100% of my Soc Sec goes to food and a small amount (3+ / 0-)

      of fuel for my vehicle.

      The rest comes out of meager savings.  COLA should be increased, not reduced, for those at the lowest end of the scale, that is anyone receiving less than $1000/mo.

    •  I do not qualify for food stamps. My wife's (1+ / 0-)
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      company offers fresh produce at the store for employees. I do get fresh veg and fruit. I used to volunteer in Illinois at a social service agency that had a food pantry. I taught computer classes for families that we gave free computers to. My wife is working a 70 hour work week and we have a kid in college. Thank goodness she got academic scholarships along with financial aid. We consider ourselves lucky compared to many here in Florida. We have a small but nice place to live, a reliable car and job security. My kid did not have to go over her head in debt for college. We have good health care that is employer provided at a union company.

      What bothers me is the lack of concern for people who really are struggling. I do not need much. I am in my mid 50s and am completely disabled. If I had to depend on the government more I would be really screwed. I go without but there are people who are really hurting. We donate to charity, food banks, toys for tots, Goodwill, habitat for humanity and we are happy to do so. We feel like we get back more than we give. But it is not enough. We need policies that help people and restore dignity. Long term unemployment and filing for benefits and charity strips away dignity from individuals. This is so wrong and so immoral. When I taught computer classes, sometimes with the help of an intrepter because I do not speak Spanish I would always tell my students and the kids they b rough along how happy I was to see them. And to thank them for coming.

      My kid who speaks Spanish worked as a teen attorney for a year. She represented kids who got into trouble for minor crimes like shop lifting. And she would meet with the kid and the kids parents. And the kids parents would be so ashamed of the situation they were in. So my kid would tell them everything was going to OK that this was a learning opportunity for the kid. But a large number of her fellow teen attorneys looked down their noses at the kids in trouble and had a superior attitude to the kids they were supposed to be helping. Needless to say my kid lasted only a year and swore off the idea of going to law school.

      Thank you for your concern and sage advice. I appreciate knowing that others care. But I am OK and fighting for those who are not OK.

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